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Rego Park Direct Mail Advertising

People tend to pay more attention to personalized marketing materials compared to advertisements displayed for the general public to see. This is why aside from traditional signs and online promotions, it’s best to invest in our high-quality Rego Park direct mail service.

Austin Direct Mail Direct Mail Segment 300x176Queens Printing Services is a full-service printing company that can help ensure that your direct mail campaign will be launched without a hitch and successfully yield great marketing results. From designing, printing, and binding, to sending all your marketing materials to your potential customers, every step of your direct mail campaign will be meticulously completed by our team.

We will ensure that your marketing tools are not only eye-catching but informative and compelling as well. This will help you maximize the opportunity of reaching your target market in their homes and convince them that your business offers more value than your competitors.

And aside from making sure that your direct mail will leave the best impression on your recipients and consequently increase your customer engagement, we’ll also help you create a solid mailing list so your mail reaches people with higher chances of doing business with you, which will effectively generate a significant return on your investment.

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Direct Mailing Products

If you decide to work with Queens Printing Services, we guarantee a Rego Park direct mail service that goes beyond facilitating a smooth mailing process. We’ll also pay close attention to the customization of your mail, ensuring that it will catch the attention of your recipients and compel them to respond to your call to action—whether you want them to book an appointment, sign up for membership, purchase your product, attend your event, etc.

Rego Park Direct Mail Advertising Direct Mailing Products 300x200Our graphic design experts will help you create a customized look for any of your chosen direct mailing products. You can use either a single comprehensible marketing material that will highlight all the best aspects of your business or utilize a combination of different marketing tools and create more impact by completing your effort with a high-quality promotional item.

Some of the products that Queens Printing Services can provide for your direct mail campaign include the following:

1. Brochures
2. Catalogs
3. Postcards
4. Sales letters
5. Newsletters
6. Political mail
7. Flyers
8. Promotional items (custom apparel, custom notepads, calendars, and other small items)

Additionally, you can have your envelopes in any size, color, or texture you want. The more attractive we can make your mail, the lesser chance there will be of having recipients overlook or throw your mail away.

Direct Mail Targeting

Direct mailing lets you connect to your potential customers directly in their homes by sending them persuasive promotional materials. This marketing method will give you an impressive conversion rate, but only if your mailing list is sorted with the most promising potential customers.

Rego Park Direct Mail Advertising direct mail 1 300x200Fortunately, our Rego Park direct mail service at Queens Printing Services also comes with assistance as you create your mailing list to ensure that all your recipients are interested in the kind of services and products that you offer. It’s also essential that you pick recipients who are located near enough to actually visit your location and become consistent customers.

We can help you ensure the success of your direct mail targeting using the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program of the US Postal Service. This can give you a lower postal rate which makes it suitable for start-up or medium-sized businesses. And apart from the program, we can also help you create your mailing list by referring to your current list of customers and other information about your target market.

Full-Service Print Shop

Whenever you’re planning a direct mail campaign, remember that your business will benefit from better results with the professional service of Queens Printing Services. As a full-service print shop, we can complete every step of the direct mailing process in our local shop while upholding the highest quality possible in both the design and marketing effectiveness of your printables.

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Our team can expertly complete the graphic design, copying, binding, and printing of your desired marketing printable in the most efficient and budget-friendly way possible. We also cater to all your personal printing needs regardless of quantity or required customization level.

If, however, your direct mail campaign is your only focus at the moment, here are the services we can offer:

1. Folding
2. Inserting
3. Collating
4. Gathering
5. Sealing
6. Labeling
7. ZIP code sorting
8. Standard/bulk mail
9. Delivery to the post office
10. Database management

Rest assured that if you work with Queens Printing Services, you can optimize your direct mailing campaign and be able to elicit customer responses as much as possible. From high-quality marketing printables to the most advantageous mailing list, our Rego Park, NY print company can provide everything you need to ensure a successful marketing strategy.

Let’s Talk – Free Direct Mailing Consultation

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With the right printing partner and mailing experts, your direct mail investment can yield a great return in the form of increased customer engagement and overall sales. That’s why if you want to make sure that every dollar you spend on this marketing campaign will be worthwhile, work only with the professional Rego Park direct mail specialists at Queens Printing Services.

We can start the process with a free initial consultation where we can discuss your specific marketing goals, target market, allocated budget, and timetable. Once we’ve got every necessary detail, we can proceed to the customization of the marketing materials and finalization of your mailing list before sending them to your potential clients.

Call Queens Printing Services at (917) 651-0524 for your Free Consultation with a Rego Park Direct Mail expert!